Make your Facebook Profile Picture Full-size

I was about to suggest to a friend that they should take advantage of the real estate of their Facebook fan page profile pic, when I could not easily find an example on any of the pages I had liked. Why shouldn’t you take advantage of all the free ad space that Facebook has to offer. If you do not have the tools to do this yourself contact us or a local graphic designer to help.

“This information may or may not be correct in other countries outside of the US, check your Facebook ‘Help Center’ for more info.”

How to Make the Best Use of this Free Space

1. Do this first – upload your full-size profile picture – 540 pixels high and 180 pixels wide. Grab your designer or Photoshop friend!

2. Keep your branding consistent. On your Fan Page, Facebook allows you to promote your products or services – so go for it!

3. Include a photo of you in your profile picture – its about connecting with people.

4. Include your core offering so your visitors can see immediately how you can help them.

By TinaCook


3 thoughts on “Make your Facebook Profile Picture Full-size

  1. I do find it interesting how few people are utilizing this full profile space. I’m wondering whether they don’t know they have this much space to use, or they don’t understand the full impact on their marketing by taking advantage of this larger profile size. Tina Cook opened my eyes to this opportunity a year ago, and I recommend it to my clients in my Facebook Workshop series. If you want to see another example of how to use this size profile, visit my page at

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