Online Vs. Local Printing

There has been some confusion and debate about using online or local printers. So, I hope that I can help clear up some of the confusion…

For local small businesses it’s always a good idea to shop local, whenever possible. And many times, you will find local vendors offer less costly and better quality solutions to your printing needs. That said, there are also several, online printers, a few that we have even used ourselves. And I can’t dispute the cost savings of ordering online, even if at times, the process is slower, often due to shipping time.

We have a working relationship with several local printers, and when its left up to us to purchase your printing we turn to our local printers first and have them each get us an estimate. If you want to be involved in this part of the process, we would than give you all of the estimates we got, and let you know why we feel you should or should not go with the least costliest estimate.

Now, if you have already purchased from an online printer, like VistaPrint, we are a reseller of VistaPrint products. What that means is that usually you will get a lower cost on printing if you order through us. You need to place your order with us, because VistaPrint gives us a different URL that we use to enter their website, so we can get the special printing. There are some instances we can not get you a lower price, but we will always get FREE graphic/logo uploads and FREE PDF proofs, these you would have to pay for if you ordered through VistaPrint yourself. And, as I saw recently, a brochure one of my friends ordered herself through Vistaprint, did not turn out quite the way she would have liked. Leading me to conclude that she must not have received a proof before getting her brochure printed. Seeing a proof before printing can save you some potential disappointment if you can see what it looks like before it’s printed. Also, VistaPrint has an excellent customer satisfaction policy and, will reprint your order, no charge, if you are not satisfied with the quality of their printing.

We also rep another another online source, Navitor. This is a vendor the average consumer will probably not have heard of before. This is because they offer their services only to people in the industry. The reason for this, is that all of the items they offer printed are are custom-printed, not templated or pre-printed like VistaPrint. And Navitor offers many more items than VistaPrint, and at a very competitive cost structure. Recently, I was asked if I could print a bookmark. I looked it up on the Navitor website, and sure enough, I found it, and with tassels too! This was quite the find, since in my mind, I pictured a bookmark with the little tassel on the end, but if I had printed this locally, they wouldn’t offer a bookmark with a tassel.

So, when you are planning your next printed project, whatever it may be; posters, brochures, banners, business card, etc. contact us first, let us price around for you. Than you will truly know you are getting the best price and the best quality you can for your money. We also, have samples from VistaPrint and Navitor so you can see what you are getting before you buy. Because, no one would feel proud to hand out a marketing or promotional item that does not reflect the quality of the service that their business provides.


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